Moschea del Mondo
Prague, 2011

Prague Quadrennial 


Idil Erdemli, Daniel Colvard

Aldo Rossi describes his Teatro del Mondo as ‘a place where architecture ended and the world of the imagination began’.
Designed originally for the Venezia e lo spazio scenico exhibition and the first Venice Biennale of 1980, the Teatro del Mundo was meant to be an ephemeral and transient floating theatre on a barge that  was towed by sea to the punta della dogana where it remained for the duration of the Biennale.
The project foregrounds the relationship between architecture and performance, where architecture provided the stage and backdrop for life, and a play on notions of context and setting, recalling the floating theatres of 18th century Venice.
For the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, our proposal grafted the four minarets, exempt from the ban on construction of minarets in Switzerland, onto the Teatro, which travels the mediterranean, constantly floating between ports, and playing on the Euro Centric Islamo-Phobia that is spreading from the Old Continent to the United States.
The Teatro becomes a ghosted manifestation of the fears in the West from ‘creeping’ Islamization and an architectural performance of geopolitical nature.

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