20 Peacocks
New York, 2006

20 Peacocks 

750 sqft

 Makram el Kadi, Ziad Jamaleddine, Naji Moujaes, Karie Titus

Jody Kivort

This very small store located at 20 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan has a very large entry area. A V shaped, entry area opens to the long commercial sidewalk and thus doubles the narrow width of the storefront, doubling the rather low visibility into the very small store. The store reinterprets the Store Front by duplicating it into two facades, addressing the movement of the shoppers from both sides of the sidewalk, and eliminating glass reflection that hinders the perception of merchandise from an angle. Catering exclusively for men's shirts and ties, the store is transformed into an articulation that defines the torso as its design guideline; anything above and below is left unfinished, in raw condition. The horizontal datum lines extend around the perimeter to interrupt the unfinished walls by an adaptable shelving system. This shelving system is organized in a band that travels the store and folds back into the storefront, it allows the shirts to be constantly arranged and rearranged according to the different seasons, collar sizes, colors, fabrics etc... The proportionally tall new storefront has 3 different opening types: horizontal, vertical and a square, each fulfilling a very distinct purpose; a window for the specific merchandise, a door and a large vitrine for mannequins. The large entry storefront becomes a very generous gesture from a very small store in a very big city.

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