Akbuk Peninsula Dense Pack
Akbuk, Turkey, 2006

Capital Partners 


LEFT TEAM (in Collaboration with Steven Holl Architects)
Makram el Kadi, Salim el Kadi, Ziad Jamaleddine, Naji Moujaes




Set in the Akbuk peninsula near Bodrum, Turkey, this proposal for an eco-resort overlooking the Aegean sea investigates urban typologies of dense-pack living in a preserved natural landscape. Townhouses, courtyard villas and a small village with micro-apartments surrounding courtyards create islands of living that minimize car dependency while maximizing pedestrian movement. Facades are made in white concrete mixed with local stone, and wooden solar shades prefabricated in northern Turkey continue local woodworking traditions. Optimization of solar shading, natural ventilation , thermal mass construction, grey water recycling all help minimize the ecological footprint to offer a model of sustainable living within nature.

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